Arlin Schaffel Consulting

Hello Friend,

You might be interested in having me help with your software or technology related business or product. Altho my main jam is Mobile Software Development, I do have other useful skills. I am way more interested in helping the right people than working with my favourite technology. I also have a desire to work on projects that have positive social impact.

Things I can do:

  • Mobile Applications (iPhone & Android)
  • Websites (small and simple preferred)
  • Games (mobile specialized, but computer capable)
  • Teaching (programming languages, software, tools, etc.)
  • Advising (software solutions, company recommendations, etc.)
  • Research (investigate problems and possible solutions)

Recent things I have done:

  • Updated several old outdated websites with no knowledge of previous code or technologies.
  • Built an iPad app for municipal election data collection while going door-to-door.

Read more about my professional experience on my LinkedIn account here:


I’m always happy to have a quick chat about ideas and problems to see if I can point people in the right direction.